Tens & Units

Learning about tens and units

  • Let’s find the brachiosaurus and the iguanodon!


Goal: learning about the concept and the meaning of tens and units

During the game:

We were looking for the brachiosaurus. We had to follow the clues along the path that would lead us to the brachiosaurus.


The first clue was a group of ten brachiosaurus made out of paper that we found along the path. This represented one ten of brachiosaurus. We knew then which way we had to go by following the right directional sign.

We followed the right path and arrived to another clue which was one brachiosaurus made out of paper, which represented one unit.

By following again the right directional sign we finally arrived to a sign “how many brachiosaurus did you find? “, where we could find out how many brachiosaurus we have found.

Eddie knew how many brachiosaurus we had found, that one ten plus one unit makes 11 brachiosaurus.

Then we found the brachiosaurus (toy) by looking behind the right piece of paper with the matching number.

After that it was onto the iguanodon by following the same process. The clues were this time 2 tens of iguanodons and then 4 units of iguanodons.

After finding the tens of brachiosaurus, Eddie noticed that he found two series of ten, and then 4 units. He was really active in the process, and then he finally figured out that we have found 24 iguanodons, so he could eventually look for the iguanodon behind the right piece of paper.


  • In which world should I go?


Goal: learning the nomenclature of tens and units

During the game:

We found several animals toys, each one had a label with a different number on it.

Different signs around the animals were indicating different world where we had to bring each animal according to their number.  Each world was represented by a tree branch indicated by a sign “one tens world”, …, “five tens world”. In each world there were different parts which represented different numbers of units “1 unit”, “ 2 units”,…


We had to place each animal on the right part of the branch depending on the number written on their label, so we had to figure out how many tens and how many units each number represented.


Thankyou Laurence for this wonderful educational game that used Eddies own interests in dinosaurs to encourage him to learn all about Tens and Units, something we had heard from his mother that he had been struggling with at school  x

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