At The Little Explorers Activity Club CIC we are committed to improving and reducing our environmental impact through our innovative projects and incorporating sustainable ways of working throughout the community interest company (CIC).

In August 2022 our solar panels were fitted onto the Apartment roof with a battery bank enabling us to be more self-sufficient and run the club as economically as possible in terms of electrical energy.

We have worked hard to improve our practices in waste and energy management, responsibly sourcing animal feed and bedding locally, and employing from our immediate community. It is always on our minds to reduce our carbon footprint and use alternative green solutions to everyday tasks.

We are constantly learning and improving the ways we run the club to help create a better world now and for future generations. Our latest project working with Mark at Figjam Solutions is a horse treadmill that will allow us to keep the ponies fit and in excellent condition. This will reduce the likelihood of veterinary intervention but also produce electricity at the same time. This can be stored in batteries and used to power the Barn, Koi Pond, pump and filters. Thanks to the Screwfix Foundation Grant we are able to develop the regenerative engine. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting project in the coming months.