Your Hosts

Arabella Carter-Johnson

Autism Mother, bestselling author, photographer & Founder of the Club.
The Little Explorers has become part of family life, Arabella has opened up her home to help other families.
‘I love creating a little magic for our children here at the club.  We believe in what’s within every child and follow their lead.’ 
Arabella’s passions for art, creativity, cooking & animals have been the basis of the club’s activities.  Her horse riding experience here in the UK with pony clubs, eventing yards and owning her own ponies has led to a deep understanding of our four-legged friends.  Trekking on horseback abroad in France & Venezuela inspired an interest in Natural horsemanship where Arabella learned to communicate with the horses through observation and body language.  This gentle approach fused with her own methods to raise her child on the autistic spectrum.
Mark van Rensburg

Mark is an engineer & co-founder of BAQUA (British Aquaponics Association) is developing this holistic educational approach with Arabella.  As a father of two young girls he is passionate about alternative engineering solutions that can shape the future through our children.  He runs our Aquaponic Workshops and helps with Fundraising for the charity.

“Knowledge is key to evolving yourself, giving you possibilities to expand your awareness and the choice to use the tools you have to hand.”

Thula, the maine coon cat who has blown everyone’s minds with her abilities to connect with children, play, ride bikes, swim and have fun with us all.  The ultimate therapy cat.
Blue, 11yr old Welsh Mountain Pony who is incredible with the children, gentle, kind and every child’s dream.
Bailey is 13 yrs old has only been with us a short while but already a fantastic family pony, can’t wait for you all to meet him.
Bailey photos
Eventer Polly Jackson Griffin made the decision to retire her talented horse Jack from competing after he sustained a shoulder injury. She felt strongly that a change of career into equine-assisted therapy would suit his character and I can understand why, he is inquisitive, smart and very gentle with children.  Currently Jack is spending some time at New Leaf Triangle (another equine therapy yard) learning the ropes taking part in their Horseback archery sessions.   
Lexi on Jack
Suki, our therapy dog in training.

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