Our Approach

Following the child’s interests

An environment that works with the child that is stimulating and beautiful

That includes Nature & Animals

Finding the right pressure

Guiding them to explore and make their own discoveries

We encourage

Holistic view on education & health

Independence, self-esteem & motivation

Self-directed learning

Respect and care for oneself, other people and the natural environment

Co-operation & positive communication

Meet the Team
Arabella Carter-Johnson
Autism Mother, bestselling author, photographer & Founder of the Club.
The Little Explorers has become part of family life, Arabella has opened up her home to help other families.
‘I love creating a little magic for our children here at the club.  Of course, I want them all to grow in confidence and eventually not need us anymore but until that day comes we will be that safe place for them where they can learn, we believe in what’s within every child and follow their lead.’ 
Arabella’s passions for art, creativity, cooking & animals have been the basis of the club’s activities.

Mark van Rensburg

Mark is an engineer & co-founder of BAQUA (British Aquaponics Association) is developing this holistic educational approach with Arabella.  As a father of two young girls he is passionate about alternative engineering solutions that can shape the future through our children.  He runs our Aquaponic Workshops and helps with Fundraising for the charity.

“Knowledge is key to evolving yourself, giving you possibilities to expand your awareness and the choice to use the tools you have to hand.”

Soraya Raisbury

Mother of two of our Little Explorers, Soraya organises our events and mindfulness workshops, she’s always a big hit with the children with her warm heart and willingness to follow the children having fun with them.  Another home educator who is inspired by her own children’s inquisitive minds supporting them growing up.

The Animals

Thula, the maine coon cat who has blown everyone’s minds with her abilities to connect with children, play, ride bikes, swim and have fun with us all.  The ultimate therapy cat.
4C9A9288 copy
Luna, our first rabbit.  She is gentle and loving, agile and funny
4C9A9436 copy
Shadow, our second rabbit who has quickly become good friends with Luna.
4C9A9464 copy
4C9A9166 copy
Blue, 11yr old Welsh Mountain Pony who is incredible with the children, gentle, kind and every child’s dream.
Smurf, our first pygmy goat, incredibly naughty but will make you laugh a lot, he loves the comforts in life and can be found relaxing on the sofa or on a bed! He adores strokes and cuddles, but don’t be fooled he is a joker too.
Smurf in bed
Murph is our second pygmy goat, gentle, very sweet who loves scratches and hugs.  An expert at the goat agility course.


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