Online Support

It has been a dream of ours for a long time to create an online service so we can help many more families through our approach.  With the Covid19 Pandemic it has become vital that we took the time to develop this support for families in their own homes so they can apply our methods.

With a grant from the Leicestershire County Council Communities Fund this dream has become a reality.

Our first E-Booklet is called Harmony at Home, the approach has been successful for many conditions including Autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and depression. You will learn how to follow your child’s interests, how to use our methods and how nature can help us. A methodical pathway to finding a balance at home for everyone creating an autism-friendly environment with ideas for activities. This booklet is packed with useful tips and guidance. Download your e-booklet with the link below.

We deeply appreciate any donations to the club no matter how big or small. We are fundraising for the animal feed with this appeal –