Welcome to Sherwood

On the 10th we hosted “The Heart” classroom from Kings Heath Primary Academy. Everyone was curious to explore all the different activities that Robin Hood and his woodland friends set up for them in Sherwood Forest.




Build Your Own Bow & Arrow – how to use tools (saw, etc.) develop coordination, critical thinking and confidence.

Archery – Each child had the chance to do archery with a real bow and arrow. An archer at hand to guide them through the main steps and tricks to ensure success. The main aim was to hit the balloons filled with water. Inside each balloon there was treasure: real money. This was an excellent activity for them to practice taking turns and following the rules.









Shop – With the money they found in the balloons the children could buy different ingredients ( flour, milk, banana, etc.) in order to bake their snacks on the fire. A teacher was the shopkeeper and help the students to do additions and subtractions, working out the price they had to pay as well as the change they had to get from her.






Bread or Banana Split





Mixing the ingredients to make a bread dough or cutting the banana and spread the chocolate in the middle were all activities which help their fine motor skills and coordination. Following the recipe was also a brilliant way to introduce some reading too. Most of the children ended up teaming together, reaching the goal by combining their strengths which helped with team work and bonds between them. It was wonderful to watch them working together, sitting around the fire and talking while waiting their food to be cooked.





Thankyou Sonia Sofia, Aaron Vackieo, Leanne Brown & Raheem Scott – Coach, Leicester Archery Academy for a great morning of Archery & Cooking. All the children from the “The Heart” Program at Kings Heath Primary Academy, Northampton loved it.

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