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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Tamaki Dickenson says:

    Hi Arabella! Here is Tamaki, violinist. It was a really lovely Saturday morning, and amazingly relaxing for me, my husband and my kids.My middle son, Anthony had particularly great time exploring your garden.(He likes being free in oust side!) The whole setting is very gentle, beautiful and inspiring. And I do admire your dedication. I will follow you here as well as Iris’s page. Best wishes and hope to see you very soon. many thanks xx

    • Carter-Johnson says:

      Hi Tamaki,
      It was lovely to hear you play, you are such a talented violinist and the children loved it, especially Iris and Eddie. You know after you left Eddie got hold of the larger violin that has been very kindly been donated to us and he was playing that game of ‘what animal can you hear’ which was very funny and then he went off round the garden with the violin and a little basket, a travelling Fiddler off on adventures. Its a wonderful thing to see these little sparks of interest grow at the club. If you ever wanted to come back again to the club, just to enjoy yourselves this time you would all be very welcome, we are open to everyone now, its still as you can see Autism friendly with the calm setting but I think other children benefit from this too. With days like the circus one next weekend we will only charge for the older children and the little ones can come for free. Anyway if we don’t see you at the club Im sure we will see you again at Babygags some day 🙂 xxx

  2. Keith says:

    Hi my name is Keith Martin. My son Paxton has autism. We live in Greer S.C.
    I can’t find any information about where are y’all located at.

  3. karinaingrid1 says:


    Do you have spaces left for your next Open Morning on 20/08/19? If so I would like to bring three children along. We’ve been before for the private horse riding session and loved it. Will definitely do that again sometime.



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