Welcome to The Little Explorers Activity Club

We are an autism friendly activity club based in East Farndon, Leicestershire offering Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Learning. Voted in the ‘Top 10 Autism Friendly places to visit in the UK’.  We have created a safe & understanding environment to have fun and socialise with other special needs families on our open mornings and support children on the Autism Spectrum in our private therapy sessions.

Our innovative project using aquaponics creates academic learning opportunities, independence and a deeper understanding of nature.  The animals help with the therapeutic approach to education in conjunction with AAT which is successful for many conditions including Autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and depression.  AAT lowers blood pressure, increases oxytocin, aids concentration, calms, builds confidence and social interaction.

Animal Assisted Therapy sessions

Activity Days – archery, music workshops & cookery

 Workshops for Educators and Parents

Working in partnership with schools & groups


Our little Club maybe small but we do have a massive reach, we were interviewed for the Open University Course on Autism to help others understand our methods and approach.  The Little Explorers has been working in conjunction with the Leicester University on the Dream Project to understand the ethics behind using robotics to help Autistic children and their families.  More recently we have advised the National Space Centre about how to create Autism Friendly Events there.  We are always open to new ideas and approaches and will support research projects around the world.