Pony Rides

Happy Iris riding Blue

Our pony rides are available to book during the week and at the weekends for children.  Arabella or Mark will be there to assist you with the ponies and your child can have a ride out in the pretty English countryside.  It’s time to enjoy yourselves as a family, relax, chat, self-regulate in nature and enjoy the facilities we have on offer with our furry friends.  There is also huge trampoline, wooden platforms/treehouse around the apple trees, a beautiful garden to explore and plenty of toys so this doesn’t have to be just about the ponies if you have siblings who want to come along.  Please discuss with Arabella your needs, your child’s passions and interests as we can tailor these rides to fit your family.

Email: thelittleexplorersactivityclub@yahoo.com

The sessions are 1 hr @ £35.00

30 mins @ £15.00

To book email us at thelittleexplorersactivityclub@yahoo.com

children 4yrs +, riding hats are provided and your child will be on a lead rein.

riding Casper.jpg




Izzy on Blue