The Stable Club

Exciting News, our ‘Stable Club’ will be starting on Tuesday 28th May. 4pm till 5.30. £25 per child per session (booked in blocks of 4 and in advance)

All abilities welcome, 6 yrs +

This 4 week course at the Stable Club will help them to learn all about taking care of a pony through fun games & interactive learning. We want to encourage friendships, learning together, communication, sharing & teamwork in a fun, safe environment.

Here are some details about what will happen each week. Email Arabella at to book.

28th May
Stable, Bedding, Feed, Water, Grooming
Activity – Create your own stable in a box
Free play and other animals

4th June
Tack (Learn the different parts)
Tacking up the Pony
Activity – Cleaning Tack
Free play and other animals

18th June
Parts of the Ponies body
Activities & Games
Free play and other animals

25th June
Learning to safely lead a pony, backing up, turning
Getting on and off safely
Pony rides in the field & picnic


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